The Wheel of Influence

The Wheel of Influence combines the Inner Core with the Outer Edge of Influence. The Inner Core’s five habits build and enhance a leader’s character and credibility. The Outer Edge is the more visible aspect of influence that a leader uses to project and resonate a compelling message.

Without the Inner Core, a leader tends to be all style and no substance. While they may have the charisma and extroverted personality to come across well, when the pressure is on they fall apart. The 2017 United Airlines fiasco was a demonstration of how a CEO, Oscar Muñoz forget his Inner Core. Mr Muñoz is a master at the Outer Edge habits: PR Week had named him ‘Communicator of the Year’ but when the crisis came his inner guidance let him down. The resulting fall out cost the airline millions of dollars.

Without the Outer Edge, a leader has limited impact.  While they may have the mission, vision and values to move a team forward, they are unable to leverage this onto a larger stage. They may have a preferred style or format to communication that prevents their public persona gaining exposure to important stakeholders. This frequently occurs with subject-matter experts or newly promoted leaders.