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“Warwick has demystified one of the world’s greatest, most influential leaders, and boiled down his magic into actionable things you can do, too.”
Marshall Goldsmith – The international best-selling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Ten Ways to Get the Most from this Book

1. The book is divided into the Inner Core and the Outer Edge. The Inner Core habits are more about character, mindset and attitude and how it can create and manifest into a powerful influencing approach. The Outer Edge is all about how to express and resonate a message.

2. Both the Inner Core and Outer Edge have 5 habits. Take the quick assessment in Chapter 2 to find a habit to focus on.

3. Every chapter is divided into 3 learning takeaways. A total of 30 actionable learning points in the book. The learning points are on the first page of each chapter. Alternatively, you can skim through each chapter to see which one is important to you.

4. Every chapter starts with a quote, the three takeaways and the chapter summary. You can read this one page to get a sense for the chapter.

5. Each chapter has an introduction that covers the “What-Why-How” for this particular habit using examples from other experts in the field.

6. Each learning point is then illustrated by quotes from Jack Ma’s talks to illustrate the point.

7. Every learning point has a closing “Executive Influencing Insight” that poses an action for executives to consider to further develop the takeaway point.

8. What does Science say? Each chapter closes with further reading using research studies and deeper reading on the chapter’s influencing habit. This can help you branch off to deepen your understanding.

9. In Practice. The final part of each chapter are five specific actions, you can take to experiment with the influencing habit.

10. For ongoing support, reach out to us here  or for the latest from Jack Ma’s global adventures check out the Facebook page which has a new article every day. 

About the Book

The master of influence has spoken. Mr. Jack Ma, cofounder of the world’s largest e-commerce company, Alibaba, shares ten secrets to becoming an influential global leader.
Influence: The Jack Ma Way uncovers the playbook from China’s most famous entrepreneur, who embodies the rags-to-riches fairytale story and lays claim to be Asia’s first global leader.

Through the words of Jack Ma’s public talks, interviews, and speeches, we learn the core skills that he has used to become the most impactful business leader in Asia and a high-profile figure on the world stage.

Now you can learn how to improve your leadership influence by following in the master’s footsteps. You will learn how to:

Understand the game: Combine the inner and outer game of influence into a potent force

Show your character: Use five powerful ways to show the real you while influencing others

Resonate your message: Learn how the best leaders walk their walk

Influence millions: Understand the power of Jack Ma’s influence through his own words

Learn from the master: Practice the 30 skills that create an influential global leader

 “Easy to read and understand, yet powerfully deep, Warwick has successfully “moved the needle” in helping all of us better understand leadership and the power of positive influence in driving greater worldwide abundance.”
– John Mattone, Best-Selling Author & the World’s #2 Ranked Executive Coach

What other business leaders are saying

“Much can be learned about how influence–understood, embraced and leveraged by savvy executives can be transformative for themselves, their people and the organizations they run. Warwick John Fahy has done a masterful job distilling how Jack Ma has learned to influence, move and shape people, an organization, even the world economy by using the strength of his inner core–his character, values, thinking patterns and emotions into driving greatness in his outer core, which is what the world see’s and ultimately determines his success and will determine his legacy. Easy to read and understand, yet powerfully deep, Warwick has successfully “moved the needle” in helping all of us better understand leadership and the power of positive influence in driving greater worldwide abundance.”

– John Mattone, Best-Selling Author & the World’s #2 Ranked Executive Coach

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Who should read this book

Business leaders

You care deeply about the people with whom you work. You want to use your vision and values to make change happen.

People Managers 

You want to inspire and empower your team rather than direct and push them.

HR executives

You are shaping and developing the next generation of talent and wish to ensure their have the fundamental skills to success in challenging roles.

Business Schools

You want a practical and relevant leadership development program to equip master’s degree candidates, MBAs, and eMBAs with “Day 1 Ready” skills.


Corporations: Need a speaker?

Warwick John Fahy is a guaranteed victory for your meeting and will leave your group engaged with new insights and skills. He has spoken throughout the world, in cities ranging from London and Dubai to Hong Kong and Sydney.

Warwick shares the Wheel of Influence with business leaders around the world. Book Warwick to add insight and impact in a practical, energetic, engaging and humorous manner to your business event, conference or workshop.

Warwick is a proficient group facilitator, professional speaker and habit builder who has the unique ability to package ideas into exactly the right format for your group of managers and leaders to digest, test and take-back to their teams.

Warwick combines his experience as a high performance age-group triathlete with two decades of leadership development in Asia to produces a perspective on how to develop your future global leaders.

Common topics:

Inner Core of Influence: Show your Character

Outer Edge of Influence: Resonate your Message

The Game of Influence: High energy simulation for large groups 

Contact him personally to discuss your next meeting with him. You can also visit Warwick on the web at www.warwickjohnfahy.com.

Business Schools: Leadership programs

Warwick John Fahy has a great passion to cultivate global leaders of the future.

He has partnered with the world’s most innovative and globally minded business schools to create and deliver both short and long courses to tomorrow’s brightest minds.

His insight from the corporate world is packaged into “day-one ready” skills that Master’s, MBA, and executive MBA students can learn and apply in highly engaging and interactive learning work- shops. This is not your traditional lecturer. Warwick’s strength is his ability to connect and engage a diverse group of styles and cultures. He uses the best practice in learning methodologies as well as inter- active design to create an environment that sustains a high quality of passionate learning.

Contact Warwick John Fahy to open a conversation about how you could partner with him. He works globally and would like to part- ner with business schools that share his passion.

“Warwick is truly a brilliant teacher, presenter, and mentor. During the presentation workshops I had with him, his enthusiasm and professionalism made the workshop never boring. He showed me a new side of presentation. I learned many new presentation skills from him and will use them in my future. He, by far, is one of the best teachers I encountered at Hult International Business School. It would be my pleasure to work with him in the near future.”

– Master’s student, San Francisco campus

About Warwick: Building Leadership Habits

Warwick John Fahy has been described by his executive clients as “an authority and go-to expert on communicating. He keeps things simple, entertaining, and clear.” He is the author of the best-selling book The One Minute Presenter: An 8 Step Guide to Delivering Successful Business Presentations in a Short Attention Span World. This book has become the reference for busy executive presenters who need practical, effective tips to improve their influencing and public speaking skills.

As an executive coach and seminar speaker, he has worked with thousands of executives from Fortune 500 multinationals across Asia Pacific, helping them to become more confident and influential through executive presence. As an adjunct faculty, he has worked in Europe, the U.S., the Middle East, and Asia, delivering engaging workshops, talks, and short courses to eMBA, MBA, and Master’s programs.

Warwick works with high-caliber business executives in China and around Asia. This boots-on-the-ground commitment and exposure to the culture has meant that he is an ideal bridge between Asian and Western cultures. He frequently diagnoses leadership issues and helps new executives make systematic changes to their leadership behaviors.

Warwick John Fahy has worked in the Asia Pacific since 1994 and was inducted into Toastmasters International Hall of Fame in 2007 for his pioneering leadership as chairman for Toastmasters in China. He is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) with the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and a former executive officer of the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. He is a Mandarin speaker and can deliver in both English and Mandarin.

Warwick is passionate about nature and health, which he combines by participating in triathlon races around the world, including the epic Ironman. He is a competitive age-group triathlete who has won four races and frequently makes the podium. He has used many approaches from high-performance sports to become a better competitor and has also designed systems that help others make similar changes in their personal and work lives.